How to stop and regrow the hair in the front of the head

Hair loss is such a disheartening development in the life of its sufferers. Though it is associated with the male folks, some women also suffer from it. Accepting it as a part of our lives is not quite an easy feat because it is a reminder that the genealogical clock is gradually ticking away on our side. Another issue that worries it’s sufferers is the perceived negative influence it has on their sex appeal.

Many factors are actually responsible for baldness which include infections, stress, trauma and certain drugs. To stop hair loss, one of the first things to consider is our diet. Diets rich in Iron, protein, and cystine is essential if you want to conquer this ailment. To acquire these essentials, you need to take a lot of legumes, cheese, fish, whole grains and spinach. Another substance which is effective in combating baldness is melatonin. It has been found out after series of test that our body reserve of this substance reduces as we age and this leads to baldness.

To regrow the hair in areas where you have lost hair, there are several natural techniques which you can employ among which are massaging. This involves you perform a massage of your scalp on a daily basis. This increases blood flow which promotes the formation of healthy follicles. You can also take minoxidil, a substance which is reputed with combating hair loss effectively. Essential oils such as basil, lavender and other herbal oils are noted to help in regrowing lost hair.

These methods are such an effective way of combating hair loss and regrowing the lost hair.