How Facial Hair transplant Can Transform Your Looks

Have you lost your esteem due to thin or no facial hair? A facial hair transplant can give you platinum membership to the bearded gang. You might even kill it with that Craig David sideburns look. Facial hair is a statement for most men. It is an identity. It is the epitome of masculinity. Unfortunately, there are those who have little facial hair to strut.

Lack of facial hair is most times as a result of genetics. If your father and grandfather had no mustache, chances are you will never get one. Sometimes facial hair loss can occur due to treatments like chemo or due to an accident. The good thing is that facial hair transplant is available in the UK.

Facial hair transplant works really well. It is a short procedure that usually takes less than 5 hours which could permanently transform your appearance. Doctors nowaday use advanced techniques in harvesting and transplanting hair follicles from the back of the scalp to the required region. The grafts are carefully placed minding the angles and direction. This transplanted hair will fall off in about 3-4 weeks and when it regrows, it looks very natural and real.

Nobody can ever tell the difference with the original hair and it can now be groomed and shaved in any style.